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EMT Ambulance Rotation

As of 2011, regardless of class location and affiliation, all EMT students who attain their certification within the Midstate EMS Region will conduct their ambulance rotation/ride time at COCVAC. This is due to the volume of calls COCVAC receives, over 3,000 a year, and ensures that each EMT student throughout the region receives a similar experience.

Ambulance Rotation Information


Unless specific arraingments are made all Students will conduct their ten hours at COCVAC's Headquarters in Clark Mills New York. Our Headquarters consists of full crew quarters and kitchen, administrative offices, classrooms, skills room, and four ambulances. If you need help with topics or skills please let the crews know as both the classrooms and skills room are open to ride time students.


Students must dress professionally in black pants and shirts. Call locations can range from nursing homes to the New York State Thruway, please dress accordingly. 

Ambulance Rotation Guide​


All students will receive a blue packet called: the Emergency Medical Technician Ambulance Service Clinical Rotation Guide. This packet is designed to complement both your classroom education as well as your time at COCVAC.


Whether you complete your required ten hours within one shift or within multiple shifts by the end of your rotation time this packet should be filled out completely.

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