MVCC Bunk-In Program

Looking to expand your EMS skills, experience, and abilities while attending Mohawk Valley Community College’s (MVCC) Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic Program?  Why not become a Bunk-In Student at Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps? 

Program Information

A unique partnership between MVCC and COCVAC will allow students to serve COCVAC in a volunteer capacity as a “live-in” or “residential” emergency medical responder.  In return for their service, COCVAC will provide semester long living accommodations for a full-time Mohawk Valley Community College student.  COCVAC will also provide the students with hands-on training in our state of the art classroom, as well as real life experiences on an ambulance that the bunk-in college student will need, and use, to help them graduate from the MVCC Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic Associate in Applied Science degree program with a greater skill base, more experiences, and abilities then they had when they first started.  

Duties and Living Quarters


Life-and-death situations are just part of the job for EMS/Paramedics.  Bunk-in students will be exposed to the situations and duties not encountered in a typical classroom settings.  Not only will students respond to emergencies, but will be assisting with daily operations and administrative duties, all while working side by side with COCVAC Members, Law Enforcement officials, Fire Departments, and Hospital Staff to save lives and provide care.  


Bunk-In Student’s will join a team of over 100 Members that operate out of two stations with five ambulances and respond to over 3,000 Emergency Calls each year.  Each station is approximately 15 minutes from the MVCC campus.  Students will have access to a private room with a desk, a full kitchen to use, men’s and women’s bathrooms and on site laundry facilities.  Wifi is also available.

Program Benefits


As the field of Emergency Medical Services changes and evolves, Paramedics with advanced education, certifications, and experience will be in high demand.  Upon completing the MVCC Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic Associate in Applied Science Degree Program and serving as a Bunk-In Student at Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, students will have the skills and experience to begin a career in Emergency Medical Services across New York and the United States.


For information on the MVCC Paramedic program visit MVCC's Emergency Medical Services / Paramedic Degree Program.

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