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Our Services

COCVAC is committed to bringing quick professional care to everyone in our communities,

you can trust every COCVAC provider is rigorously trained to the highest standards and competency to provide the latest lifesaving treatments.

911 and Emergency transport 

COCVAC provides primary 911 response in and around the towns, Villages and Hamlets of Kirkland, Westmoreland, Whitestown, Marshal, Augusta, Sangerfield.

COCVAC also answers mutual aid requests for the Greater Utica Rome area  

Special Event Stand by 

COCVAC provides EMS standby coverage for special events, from concerts to local events. Our highly trained EMTs and Paramedics will be onsite to provide medical care to everyone at the event. 

Interfacility Transport 

COCVAC works with local hospitals, nursing homes and hospice agencies to provide compassionate care for your family. Our team of EMTs, Paramedics and Nurses are trained to manage ventilator's, IV pumps and specialized medications that may be needed during the transport 

CPR and First aid training 

COCVAC has American heart association certified instructors that can help you receive or renew your CPR certifications along with providing First aid and Narcan training our instructors hold trainings year round.

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