Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Community Helping Community

Our Mission

For almost 50 years, COCVAC has provided emergency, non-emergency, and training to the communities in Central Oneida County.We take pride in fast, modern, ans professional treatment and transport to all those in need in our community.


CPR & First Aid 


COCVAC is a certified ASHI Training Facility providing CPR and first aid training to individuals, groups, and corporations.



Think about the number of times a day you may hear sirens. The news story about a natural disaster or a large accident. When is the last time you felt helpless watching as someone was suffering? 


Volunteering in EMS has two solutions. One, You get trained to help those in need. Two, you are the one who responds to those in need.


It has never been more critical to volunteer. Many who have given their time can’t afford to give as much with today’s economy and having to work so much to support their families. Every volunteer fills a gap, a need in the community where someone can’t be to help.


You can be the hero in your own story. You can be the hero in someone else's story.

We Need Your Help!

With increased healthcare costs and decreased insurance reimbursement, volunteer agencies are failing due to limited revenue. Volunteer agencies rely on the public's help through donations to keep our volunteers and staff trained and equipped with modern equipment to ensure the public’s health and safety.

We need your help. We are asking for donations to help thrive in our community. Our volunteers live here, they work here, and they serve here. Help us keep our community safe.